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Rent a house in Thailand and go celebrating Songkran festival

Songkran is one of the most fascinating festivals in the world. It is the New Year’s Day for many calendars of the Southeast Asia. If you decided to take part in Songkran festival, rent a house in Thailand in advance, because the number of tourists increases during that period.

The festival takes part in the middle of April. It lasts from 13 to 15 April, but if you want some more, go to Chiang Mai where you can enjoy Songkran about 6 days. But before you rent a house in Thailand find out about unusual traditions of this festival and decide whether to participate in it or not.

Songkran is probably the most wet festival in the world. The main tradition of Songkran is throwing of water. When people pour water they show you respect and bless you, so don’t be angry with them. In addition they can smear you with clay and talc. Participants usually wear colourful clothes. If you will choose to rent a house in Thailand you will probably have some privacy and will be dry at least in your apartments.

Songkran is not just funny tradition of throwing of water and smearing others. It has the meaning and religious aspects. Songkran means “change”. Season is changing. The hot season gives way to the season of rains. Water is symbol of purification. That’s why people try to clean each other from all bad and prepare for renewal. People also go to the church and try to spend time with their families on Songkran.

Now you know essential things about Songkran. You can prepare transparent plastic bags for you purse, phone and camera to make them safe. Also keep in mind that the prices for apartments will increase for the period when Songkran is celebrated. So find and rent a house in Thailand in good time!

29 Feb 2012