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Invoicing software for online storage of the information

Do you have stack of papers in your office that you hate? I do! Recently I dealt with this issue and can share with you some useful information. I solved this problem by starting using invoicing software. I got a lot of advantages from introducing invoicing software into my business.

As I use invoicing software, which gives an option to send invoice by email right after creating, I don’t need to print invoices out. So I store all sent invoices into invoicing software. It is safer than saving it somewhere in folder on my computer. Computer can brake, but all data of the invoicing software is stored on server. The backup of all my data is made by the invoicing program every day, so I feel secured. I know that some people don’t trust electronic storage of the documents. Physical storage, when you can touch documents, seems more secure. But it has a lot of disadvantages. First of all it takes physical place to store all the documents. If the enterprise is small it is not a big problem, but for large one there should be additional storehouse, which makes additional costs. The most important advantage of online storage of the documents is immediate retrieval.

The same way I store all data about my customers and products. I have something like database in my invoicing software, where I can add or remove information about my products and customers. It is very convenient to have all data in one program. As I register received payments also in invoicing software, I have all information about invoicing in one place.

I am going to introduce some more software into my business. Maybe it will be some time tracking program and program for receiving and processing incoming invoices. I don’t know much in programming, but I think that it is possible to connect all my software somehow. Maybe it can be done exactly by time tracking program. Thus I will see all invoices I have to pay for, all incoming payments, sent invoices that are close to due date, etc. It will be good if I will see all actual information in one program, because it takes time to check emails, invoicing software and other software.

1 Aug 2012