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PNR Nordic AB

7 jan 2014

Since it was established in 1968, our firm has been in the business of manufacturing and selling spray nozzles and their supporting equipment for industrial use. The operation at Pnr Nordic AB consists of state of the art nozzle production facilities in combination with a complete, modern testing laboratory. This lab has been designed for [...]

Invoicing software for online storage of the information

1 aug 2012

Do you have stack of papers in your office that you hate? I do! Recently I dealt with this issue and can share with you some useful information. I solved this problem by starting using invoicing software. I got a lot of advantages from introducing invoicing software into my business. As I use invoicing software, [...]

Be environment-friendly. Use invoicing software.

11 apr 2012

Nowadays people mostly think about improving their business and forget about nature and environment that are surrounding us. But it is a pleasure, when you can make something good to save our environment. You have probably noticed that more and more enterprises stopped sending paper bills, but send you an electronic instead. You can do [...]

Ātra un profesionāla rēķinu izrakstīšana

28 okt 2010

Biznesa vidē ir ne tikai lielie uzņēmumi, bet arī pašnodarbinātas personas un individuālie komersanti. Nesen tirgū parādījās sistēma, kas atvieglo darbu tieši maziem uzņēmumiem un pašnodarbinātiem. Tā ir rēķinu izrakstīšanas sistēma Billflip, kas pārvalda ne tikai rēķinus, bet arī klientus un produktus vai pakalpojumus. Rēķinu izrakstīšana vēl nav bijusi tik viegla un patīkama! Ja rodas [...]